The Philippines is widely recognized to have the most developed system of recruiter licensing and monitoring in the world. The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) reviews and registers contracts, and caps the fees that can be charged to workers. This system allows aspiring migrants to review a public registry of agencies to determine which are licensed and whether any may be suspended for violations. The POEA site also posts a list of active job orders for any given profession.  

A review of the postings for POEA-approved teaching positions revealed nearly 1400 open positions advertised by 82 different recruitment agencies. While the bulk of available posts were concentrated in the Gulf States, there was nonetheless a rather broad range of countries seeking Filipino teachers.

Philippine Overseas Employment Agency Teacher Job Orders Active on January 16, 2013

Country Number of positions
Bahrain 43
Brunei 6
China 1
Indonesia 4
Japan 106
Kazakhstan 12
Kuwait 99
Libya 8
Malaysia Unspecified
Mozambique 6
Oman 10
Qatar 134
Saudi Arabia 334
Singapore 334
UAE 209
USA 60

Source: Philippine Overseas Employment Agency website.

Nevertheless, a primary limitation of the Filipino approach is that it is a single state regulation.  In absence of collaboration with receiving country governments and other actors, enforcement of standards is difficult