In contrast to models of importing teachers to offer instruction in a desired language, other national governments have established programs to promote the study of their culture and mother language abroad. The French government supports an extensive network of Collèges /Lycées, staffed by French, international, and local teachers to offer mainly French instruction to students on a fee for enrollment basis. The Lycées use the French curriculum, but some also have a local curriculum. L’Agence pour l’Enseignement du Français à l’Etranger (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has 470 schools in its worldwide network. Schools are directly managed, contracted or accredited. Teachers can be hired under different contracts depending on whether they are French nationals working as expatriates, local residents, or recruited to work under local law. Those hired to work under the Ministry are civil servants who retain benefits, are paid according to the civil service pay scale, and remain union members. The initial contract is for three years, and can be renewed for two a maximum of two more years.