The Spanish government sponsors a number of programs designed to promote Spanish language and culture abroad. Spanish Centers abroad are schools that offer an entirely Spanish curriculum taught in Spanish. These schools enroll predominately local students from kindergarten through high school and offer a diploma equivalent to a Spanish high school degree. The Spanish government has also initiated agreements with educational authorities in Argentina and Brazil to establish ‘Mixed Centers’ that offer dual curriculum and employ both Spanish and local teachers.  

Spanish teachers’ overseas placements through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (2012-13)
Andorra 86 United Kingdom 63 Belgium 52 Switzerland 50
Colombia 52 Argentina 51 Alicante, Sp. 21 Bulgaria 15
France 114 Brazil 154 Luxembourg 17 China 2
Italy 55 Germany 50 Australia 7 Slovakia 29
Morocco 351 USA 1105 Austria 1 Hungary 18
Portugal 75 Netherlands 8 Canada 46 Poland 30
Czech Republic 20 Romania 10 Russia 9 Turkey 1