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Work visa / permit requirements

There are multiple forms of employment visas for India, granted for 2 year or the period of the employment contract, whichever is less. Visas may be offered for up to five years for technicians / experts coming from countries with bilateral agreements. To apply, one needs proof of employment which specifies the appointment, as well as terms and conditions of employment. The general application process includes:

  1. Completing forms online
  2. Maintain the File Number generated through the online system
  3. Scheduling an appointment with an Indian Mission (embassy, consular office, etc)

Once in India, the visa is renewable (extendable):

MHA – Visa Facilitation Centre

NDCC-II Building, Jai Singh Road off Parliament Street

New Delhi – 110001

(Open 9:30am-12pm)

Following the Registration of Foreigners Act (1939) and the Registration of Foreigners Rules (1992), people entering India with visas for more than 180 days (and those with a special “required registration endorsement) must be registered within 14 days of arriving in India with the appropriate Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) or Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) in the jurisdiction where one intends to stay. 

Exception: Pakistani nationals must register within 24 hours of arrival

Exception: ALL Afghan nationals must register within 30 days of arrival except those entering with visas valid for 30 days or less, who should provide an Indian address to the FRRO / FRO

Required documents include

  • Valid passport and visa, along with 4 passport-size color photograhs (4cm x 4cm with white background)
  • Registration form
  • Three photocopies each of the photo page, page indicating validity and page bearing stamp of arrival from Indian Immigration in the passport
  • Undertaking letter from Indian host / sponsor along with a form of identity (passport, election card, official identity card, PAN, etc)
  • Proof of residence
  • Three copies of terms and conditions of contract assignment, including salary, designation, tenure of employment, etc
  • Three copies of PAN card or application for PAN card
  • Forwarding letter of employer with authorized signature mentioning name, designation, land and mobile phone numbers

This process should yield a complete Embarkation / Disembarkation card (D/E card) and certificate of registration. These will be forfeited upon departure.

National regulations

Employment terms and conditions

The Ministry of Labour & Employment (MLE) outlines laws regulating 

Health requirement

There is no health-related requirement to apply for a position in India.

Working as a teacher

Professional qualifications requirements 

See specific programs to determine requirements and eligibility.

Types of employment available for teachers

  • Public and government-supported schools are unlikely to hire migrant teachers
  • Migrant teachers are often accepted to work in summer programs, language schools and International schools, as well as English as a second language (ESL) positions

Support structures for recruited teachers

Teachers’ Unions