With millions of people displaced by war and violence in Africa and the Middle East, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has vowed to reach out a helping hand, advocating for the resettlement of thousands of immigrants and for their protection against bigotry and persecution.

AFT delegates passed a resolution restating the organization’s opposition to hate speech and encouraging programs that teach children about the rich immigrant experience, diversity, religious tolerance and peaceful conflict resolutions.The union calls upon community schools to provide the support and wraparound services that immigrant families need, including educational resources and comprehensive integration programs, such as language immersion, socio-psychological services and basic healthcare, counseling and mentoring.

The AFT also launched a new classroom resource, “Replacing Fear with Facts: Teaching Islam in the Classroom”, developed by a team of AFT teachers working with Dalia Mogahed (pictured above with AFT President Randi Weingarten), an activist in the drive to combat Islamophobia and promote tolerance in our communities.